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Human resources are valuable resources of the company. People are one of the most active and creative elements in a company. To a large extent, the success of the company depends on the success of human resource management. Human resources can be transformed into human capital through allocation, training, motivation and development, which is the core competitiveness of the company, just like monetary capital and material capital. Through nearly two decades of development, the company has formed the core values of human resource management of "humanities-oriented, innovation and development, hardness and softness", with "morality, ability, diligence, and performance" as the basic principles of talent evaluation, and established science, Perfect human resources "selection, education, use, and retention" policies and processes.

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With its good industry development prospects, unique talent incentive and development mechanism, broad career development space and excellent employee growth environment, the company has become a highland for talent gathering. And through the treatment, development, culture and career to ensure the continuous development of the talent team, in the realization of corporate development strategic goals and vision at the same time, to achieve every employee's life value and dream.

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