Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment of High Performance Electrode Foil Project of Shanxi Hongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

According to the "the People's Republic of China Environmental Impact Assessment Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, the environmental impact assessment of the high-performance electrode foil project of Shanxi Hongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. requires public participation. At present, the preparation unit of the environmental impact report of the project has been determined. According to the requirements of the Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (Order No. 4 of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment), the public participation survey information is now publicized. The publicity information is as follows:
Basic information of (I) construction project name, site selection, construction content, etc.
(1) Name of construction project: High-performance electrode foil project of Shanxi Hongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
(2) Location: Shuozhou Economic Development Zone, Shuozhou City
(3) Construction content: 4 high-performance electrode foil corrosion production lines and 10 chemical production lines will be built. New corrosion workshops and chemical vehicles will be built and public works such as electricity, water supply and drainage, environmental protection, warehouse and water making room will be built to form an annual production capacity of 5 million m2 of high-performance electrode foil.
Name and contact information of (II) construction unit
(1) Name of Construction Unit: Shanxi Hongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
(2) Contact Information: Name: Zhang Deling Tel: 15951048415 Mailbox: 1009795954@qq.com
Name of the unit that prepared the (III) environmental impact report.
Name of the preparer of the environmental impact report: Shanxi Xinguo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Web link to (IV) public comment form
A web link to the Public Opinion Form is attached hereto.
Ways and means of (V) submission of public opinion forms
The public can fill in the feedback by downloading the above feedback form, or participate in this public participation survey by telephone, fax, e-mail, letter, etc., and express your opinions on the construction of the project (do not accept issues unrelated to environmental protection), So that we can timely and accurately reflect in the EIA report. At the same time, please leave your name and basic information (ID number, effective contact information, unit or address, unified social credit code (enterprise), etc.) for a return visit if necessary.
Shanxi Hongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
27 July 2023

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