Analysis of the Current Situation and Development Trend of Machine Vision in the Process of Industrial Automation

To realize the "Made in China 2025" and complete the transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, intelligent manufacturing is the main direction. In the process of intelligent manufacturing, machine vision mainly uses computers to simulate human visual functions, that is, to extract, process and understand the image information of objective things, and finally use it for actual detection, measurement and control. With the intensification of intelligent manufacturing, the market demand for machine vision will gradually increase.
Machine vision can be said to be the soul window of industrial automation system. From object/bar code identification, product detection, appearance size measurement to mechanical arm/transmission equipment positioning, machine vision technology can play a stage. In order to respond to the endless new application requirements, the design of industrial cameras has also shown new development directions.
Machine Vision
Machine vision industry chain
The application of machine vision in life and its wide range, in the field of transportation, hydrological observation, geological disaster early warning recognition and other fields, play an important role. From a macro point of view, the fast-growing segment industry is face recognition and image recognition. These two branches of the industry, in the financial, security and transportation areas are more concentrated. Most of the investors in these segments have their own technical advantages and will provide application solutions for various scenarios to make profits.
Development Status of Machine Vision in China
China's machine vision industry started relatively late, the concentration is not very high, the beginning is mainly the agent of foreign brands. In recent years, many dealers have begun to develop their own products, but there is still a certain gap between foreign countries in terms of industry distribution, channel distribution and mature automation products. The relatively mature automation product quality and technical content of domestic machine vision are low, and the market is far from saturated.
Machine vision companies can be broadly divided into layer developers, secondary developers and product agents. Domestic machine vision enterprises are mainly foreign machine vision product agents and system secondary development manufacturers. At present, there are more than 100 foreign brands entering China's machine vision market, more than 200 local enterprises are responsible for sales agents, and more than 50 professional system integrators. China's real professional machine vision bottom manufacturers are rare, local machine vision system manufacturers and machine vision system components manufacturers are missing.
Development Trend of Machine Vision in China
Industrial 4.0 cannot be separated from intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing cannot be separated from machine vision. Machine vision is a necessary means to realize industrial automation and intelligence, which is equivalent to the extension of human vision on the machine. Machine vision has the advantages of high automation, high efficiency, high precision and poor environment, which will play an important role in the realization of industrial automation in China.
Visual image technology needs to focus on building four core competencies:
First, intelligent identification. The rapid convergence of massive information, from a large amount of information to find key features, accuracy and reliability is the key.
Second, intelligent measurement. Measurement is the basis of industry and requires precision.
Third, intelligent detection. On the basis of measurement, comprehensive analysis and judgment of multi-information multi-index, the key point is based on complex logic of intelligent judgment.
Fourth, intelligent interconnection. The massive data of the image are collected and interconnected in multiple nodes, and the data of personnel, equipment, production materials, environment, process, etc. are interconnected at the same time, which gives rise to the innovative capabilities of deep learning, intelligent optimization, intelligent prediction, etc., and truly demonstrates the power of industrial 4.0.
Related Products of Machine Vision
A typical industrial machine vision system includes: light source, lens, camera (including CCD camera and CMOS camera), image processing unit (or image capture card), image processing software, monitor, communication/input/output unit, etc.
(I) machine vision core components:
Smart camera: black and white smart camera, line scan smart camera, color smart camera, CMOS smart camera, ID reader, etc;
Board: black and white acquisition card, image compression/decompression board, color acquisition card, etc;
Software package: image processing software, machine vision tool software;
Accessories: industrial camera, CMOS camera, CCD camera, area array camera, line scan camera, infrared camera, 1394 interface camera;
Industrial lens: FA lens, high resolution lens, image scanning lens, condenser lens, telecentric lens, etc;
Light source: LED light source, ultraviolet lighting system, infrared light source, optical fiber lighting system, etc;
Auxiliary products: sensor, calibration block, grating, gasket, connection and connector, power supply, base plate.
(II) machine vision accessories:
Image processing system: optical text, recognition system, automation/robot technology, infrared image system;
Machine vision integration: character processing and recognition system, automation/robotics technology, infrared image system, tobacco, banknote printing, electronic assembly, quality inspection, automatic recognition (OCR/OCV), measurement, intelligent vision, surface inspection, printing, packaging, Complex industrial object vision online, automobile manufacturing, license plate, intelligent transportation, biometric recognition, monitoring, medical inspection, optical inspection and other systems

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