Sanli Manufacturing Builds Industrial Robot Network to Meet the New Era of Intelligent Manufacturing

In today's society, artificial intelligence has become a major trend. Robots are no longer seen in movies. They have been used in medical, industrial and other fields. According to the application environment of robots, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) divides robots into Industrial robots and service robots. Among them, industrial robots refer to robots used in production processes and environments, including human-machine collaboration robots and industrial mobile robots.
Recently, Jingdong Finance officially released a computer room intelligent inspection robot-Jingdong intelligent inspection robot. As the "intelligent guardian" of the computer room and data center, Jingdong intelligent inspection robot is the first product of Jingdong finance to enter the robot industry. It can ensure the stable and safe operation of the computer room in real time, improve the intelligent management level of the computer room and data center, and greatly reduce the operation and maintenance cost.
General Secretary Xi Jinping gave instructions at the academician conference of the two academies: Robots are "the jewel at the top of the manufacturing crown". Its research and development, manufacturing, and application are important indicators to measure a country's technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level, and it is also my country's implementation of the manufacturing power strategy. Key areas. Many robot industries are gathering efforts to break the foreign monopoly of the industry, liberate people from heavy manual labor, lead China's "intelligent" manufacturing forward, and let the world witness China's wisdom and scientific and technological strength.
The new wave of science and technology has been leading the great adjustment of productive forces and production relations, and new industries continue to emerge to promote social progress. With the development of a number of information technologies such as big data and cloud computing, as well as the development of artificial intelligence, the transformation of the manufacturing industry to intelligence has been accelerated. As the main direction of the future manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing is to seize the commanding heights of international manufacturing technology competition.

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